The NFAAUM Executive Team greets you with the love and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Given the rapidly developing health concerns with the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, some members of the NFAAUM family expressed concerns about traveling and gathering for the NFAAUM General Assembly which was scheduled to take place in April 2020 in San Diego, CA. The NFAUUM Executive Team called an emergency meeting to discuss the 2020 NFAAUM General Assembly.

After much dialogue, discernment and prayer; and given the current health concerns surrounding the Covid-19 virus, the NFAAUM Executive Team decided to postpone the NFAAUM General Assembly until further notice.

Please help us notify those who may not be on this email list so that they may receive this urgent announcement as soon as possible.

May you all stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times. Thanks be to God that we have your ongoing dedication as part of the NFAAUM family. Our prayers remain with our country, our denomination, our church families and our friends.

In God’s Grace,

Rev. Pauline Kang,
NFAAUM President

Dr. Christina Lee
NFAAUM Secretary

NFAAUM Executive Leadership Team

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