What is the National Federation of Asian American United Methodists?

The National Federation of Asian American United Methodists (NFAAUM) was established as a national caucus in the United Methodist Church in 1975. It is one of the five ethnic caucuses recognized by the United Methodist Church. NFAAUM consists of twelve sub-ethnic caucuses: Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Formosan, Hmong, Indian (formerly South Asian), Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Middle Eastern, Pakistani and Vietnamese. There are well over 20 different languages spoken amongst the 12 sub-ethnic caucuses.

The purpose of the National Federation of Asian American United Methodists is to empower the Asian American local churches and church members. NFAAUM works to articulate the concerns, interest and needs of Asian American constituencies at all levels of the United Methodist Church. NFAAUM also works closely with the Asian American Language Ministry Plan (AALM). Both NFAAUM and AALM work with the same communities but they are separate entities with a different purposes.

For more information or questions about NFAAUM please feel free to contact Rev. John Oda, the President of NFAAUM, at revjohnoda@yahoo.com.

NFAAUM Elects New Officers!

NFAAUM held its General Assembly in May 2018 at El Segundo United Methodist Church in Southern California. NFAAUM holds a General Assembly every four years. One of the items of business was to elect the new officers for the remainder in the quadrennium.

The new officers are: Rev. John Oda, President; Rev. Pauline Kang, Vice President for Membership; Rev. Peter Lau, Vice President for Advocacy, Rev. Scort Christy, Treasurer; and Dr. Christina Lee, Secretary.

Please keep them in your prayers!

Mark your Calendars!

NFAAUM 2020 General Assembly
April 13-15, 2020

The current NFAAUM by-laws state that NFAAUM must hold a General Assembly every quadrennium. Hence the next NFAAUM General Assembly will be on April 13-15, 2020. At this General Assembly we will conduct the official business of NFAAUM which will include a chance to receive a financial report, hear about the new grant, and also hold another election. The location will be determined but (most likely) somewhere in Southern California where the majority of Asian American United Methodists are located. Please mark your calendars!

More details will be forthcoming!

NFAAUM Endowment Fund Committee Report

NFAAUM has the most successful Endowment Funds amongst the UMC ethnic caucuses. The Endowment Committee is comprised of representatives from various ethnic groups of the NFAAUM; Rev. George Nishikawa and Rev. Peter Lau as Co-Chairs, Rev. Michael Yoshii as Secretary and Journal Editor, Mrs. Peggy Huang as Treasurer, Rev. Winston Cruz, Mrs. Margaret Choun, Mrs. Jane Chang, and Rev. Jonah Chang as Members at-large.

The Endowment Committee is responsible for managing the nine endowment funds to date: Dora Lee Wong Christian Education Fund, Bishop Choy Clergy Christian Education Fund, Edward Lee Chinese Ministry Fund, Choonsoo Chung Mission Fund, Amos Rhee Evangelism Fund, Jane & Leon Chang Discipleship Fund, Peter Chen Pastoral Ministry Education Fund, Bishop Roy Sano Outreach Ministry Fund, and Marion & Lloyd Wake Human Rights Fund.

The interests and dividends generated from the above nine endowment funds are used to award grants and scholarships. Pastors, ministerial students, and churches may apply for grants and scholarships. Application dates will be made public through the Journal of the Endowment Committee in the Summer and Winter.

For further information about the work of the Endowment Committee as well as application for grants and scholarships, please contact the Rev. George Nishikawa at “gynish@comcast.net” or the Rev. Peter Lau at “rockofages@gmail..com”.

2019 Special General Conference

NFAAUM Lunch on Monday Feb. 25 – 12:30pm – 2:00pm
Holiday Inn – Soulard Room

The Council of Bishops have called a Special Session of the General Conference to be held February 23-26, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri. The purpose will be to receive and act on a report from the Commission on a Way Forward based on the recommendations of the Council of Bishops.

NFAAUM will be holding a buffet lunch for all Asian Americans in attendance at the Special General Conference. It will be held on February 25th (Monday) from 12:30 – 2:00pm at the Holiday Inn – Soulard Room. Please RSVP to Rev. John Oda @ revjohnoda@yahoo.com or text 510-220-8959.

Delegates and guests sing during closing worship at the Roundtable for Peace on the Korean Peninsula at Grace United Methodist Church in Atlanta. Front row, from left are: Bishop John Higon Eun, American Conference of the Korean Methodist Church; the Rev. Chongho James Kim, First United Methodist Church of Flushing, N.Y.; the Rev. Kim Sei Hwan, Korean Church of Atlanta United Methodist Church; and Bishop Hee-Soo Jung, Wisconsin Conference of The United Methodist Church. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

Roundtable for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

A Methodist-led gathering, held in Atlanta from November 9-11, of religious leaders is optimistic that recent diplomatic contacts with North Korea could help lead toward peace on the Korean Peninsula. Despite that progress, “we are still standing on the crossroads between choosing the God of life or choosing the nuclear idol of death,” the group said in an “Atlanta Statement”, which was crafted by participants of the gathering.

The United Methodist Board of Global Ministries hosted the event on behalf of The United Methodist Church, Korean Methodist Church and World Methodist Council, with input from the World Council of Churches.

The “reunification, reconciliation and restoration” of the Korean Peninsula is not just a matter of global politics, said United Methodist Bishop Hee-Soo Jung of the Wisconsin area during the conference’s closing session. “While we value and regard the support that President Trump and the United States provide … it is a process that must be owned and guided by the Koreas,” said Jung, who is president of Global Ministries.

Roundtable participants affirm agreements and efforts to end hostilities and call for “an immediate and official end” of the Korean War. But they also urge “the U.S. and the international community to respect the self-determination of the two Koreas, including allowing a step-by-step approach to achieve denuclearization.”

The Korean Church of Atlanta Choir provided beautiful music for the Roundtable for Peace on the Korean Peninsula.

NFAAUM Administrative Report

  1. NFAAUM’s new the fiscal sponsor – the California Pacific Annual Conference is now the fiscal sponsor for NFAAUM. We thank the California Nevada Annual Conference for being the fiscal sponsor of NFAAUM for 25 years!
  2. NFAAUM’s new logo. Over the summer NFAAUM hired a design company to update the NFAAUM logo. The cost for this redesign was covered by an anonymous donor. Please see the new logo at the top of this newsletter. It is meant to look simple, sleek and clear.
  3. NFAAUM’s non-profit status – in May 2018 it was discovered that NFAAUM had lost it’s non-profit status sometime in the past. A lawyer was been hired to figure out the best and quickest way to resolve this issue. However the problem was subsequently discovered to be more complex than initially thought. It will take more time and, unfortunately, more funds to resolve. In the meantime the leadership of NFAAUM asks for your patience.
  4. NFAAUM’s By-Laws are being revised to be more clear and consistent, especially around NFAAUM membership and voting. We hope to the By-Laws will be completed by the summer of 2019.
  5. NFAAUM’s website is in the process of being updated. Our apologies for it’s absence. NFAAUM received a grant from UMCOM to update, redesign and move the website to a new server. The goal is to make the redesigned website more user friendly, more informative and more appealing.

NFAAUM Awarded a General Commission on Religion and Race Grant (GCORR) for 2019 and 2020

NFAAUM was recently awarded a GCORR grant for 2019/2020.. Part of the grant states that NFAAUM will work with 100 youth and young adults at the Filipino Migrant Center in Los Angeles; with a focus on leadership development. Los Angeles has one of the largest Filipino immigrant populations in the country.

The other part of the grant will help NFAAUM to be more financially sustainable by using a variety of strategies. Stay tuned for more information.

Jr. High Camp and Asian Camp!

a ministry of National Japanese American United Methodist Caucus

The National Japanese American United Methodist Caucus (NJAUMC), which is one of the twelve sub-ethnic caucuses of NFAAUM, has a Camping Ministries Program. This ministry sponsors Jr. High Camp (entering 6th-8th grade) and Asian Camp (entering 9th-college sophomores) every July. The camps are a sacred space for youth to search for a sense of identity without pressure of becoming who others may feel they should be – all without judgment.

Viki Inouye, the Camping Ministry Director explained that, “the camps are a transformative week that helps them to grow in self-esteem and personal confidence and God is revealed to them in a way that connects them to a closer relationship and stronger faith!” This past summer Jr. High Camp had an enrollment of 63 and Asian Camp had 66 campers.

For more information about the NJAUMC Camps, please contact the Camp Director: Viki Inouye @ “viki@wesleysj.net”.

We Need Your Help!

The National Federation of Asian American United Methodists is trying to update and clean up it’s email list. We are asking for two things: please forward this email to your networks! Secondly, if you or someone you know would like to join the NFAAUM email newsletter distribution list, please have them contact Rev. John Oda at “revjohnoda@yahoo.com”.