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We are Asian Americans from ten Asian sub-ethnic caucuses who are united through our
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~ Rev. Jacob S. Dhamaraj, NFAAUM President
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Post Office Box 18666, Oakland, CA  94619     Phone: 1 (914) 299-4090 /
Rev. Moonyoung Kathryn Lee, Secretary
Pong Javier, Director of Communications
and Filipino Representative
(Letter addressed to Pong Javier and Lisa Gay Santiago who are the Filipino-American representatives to the NFAAUM board)

I just came back from WCC Assembly held in Busan, SK and listened to the sad news in the Philippines. My heart goes out to our
brothers and sisters who have suffered and lost everything.

Some of our church families who have relatives back in the Philippines said they are all OK. And then, one of the church members
said that her colleague has not located her parents and relatives yet. A tragic situation like this cuts off communication and other
infrastructure with no way of connecting with family members back home, which makes the tragedy even worse.
When I listened to the news, I thought about you and our other friends from the Philippines who have their extended family
members back there and how they have been doing.

If our Federation could be of any assistance to the Filipino community, please let me know. I was with Denise Honeycut, the chief of
UMCOR, up until two days ago. If you would like for me to contact her or do anything urgent please let me know as well.

In the meantime please be assured of our prayers.

Jacob Dharmaraj.
NFAAUM President
National Federation of Asian American United Methodists
from the